Hello and welcome!  My name is Cathy-Ann M. Alexander.  Like most, I have always had a lot of ideas running around in my head that I wanted to pen.  However, life got in the way for many years.  I have stepped out on faith and did what I’ve held back for so long, becoming an author!
My interest in writing began many years ago as a little girl growing up on the Caribbean island of Grenada.  I always enjoyed sitting by the river, just me and my thoughts, and letting it all spill out on paper.
So, I know what you’re thinking- why now?
For many years, I have been living this busy and double life as an educator and soldier. I am either running around preparing lesson plans or sharpening my soldiering skills during weekend drills. The intensity of both lives eventually spilled over onto a four year old little girl- my daughter who stopped me in my tracks one day when she said: “mommy, why are you always mad?  I want you to put away your mad things and get happy things.”
This was the changing moment for me.  I was reflecting an image the opposite of my intent and someone was watching.  I needed to find a way to change what was happening in my life and that’s when I realized that writing would do just that, as it had in the past.
While I’m still managing both lives, my thoughts have shifted.  I have found a way to create inner joy in the things I love. The truth is part of the delay over the years was driven by fear.   I realized that if I continue to live in fear, I will continue to miss the ceiling.  The ceiling is my ability to maximize my potential.  My true potential can only happen when I chose to move out of living in my mind and live in my life.
I am now the proud author of THREE books!
Mya the Soldier’s Daughter – Mya the Soldier’s Daughter is the story of the life of a 5-year old little girl, living in a foreign country, with extended family, while her mother is deployed overseas. The sacrifice to our nation is not only made by soldiers, but by family members also, including children. Mya the Soldier’s Daughter. 
The Tale of Buzz-Anna the Traveling Bee – The Tale of Buzz-Anna the Travelling Bee is a children’s book about following your dreams. This is a book written to remind children that they should never limit themselves, to think outside the box, and to always follow their dreams.  The Tale of Buzz-Anna the Traveling Bee.
Wise and Witty Words for Your Life’s Journey: Inspirational Words to help Measure your Life and Keep you on Track This book is a combination of 102 quotes, guiding lights, and inspirational words that will help encourage and inspire you to change your thoughts and gain insight into your great possibilities.  Wise and Witty Words for Your Life’s Journey. 

“Life only gives you one chance to dance so make sure the Cobbler mends your shoe.”

Life is a stage and everyday is a performance.  You alone can determine the level of your performance.  So, why sit back and live in fear?  Why keep rehearsing until the “perfect” opportunity shows its face.  This is your perfect opportunity to get on the stage and begin your dance with life.  All you need is a great pair of shoes!!!   Wise and Witty Words for Your Life’s Journey.

The music to life is knowing when to dance.”

Where are you in your life?  Are you achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself?  You can either spend every day regretting not accomplishing what you set out to do or you can start where you are and begin the path of accomplishing what you’ve always wanted to do.  Life will present itself whether you’re ready or not.  So, stop fighting it and face it.  You have to learn when and how to dance.    Get up, stand up, put on your dancing shoes and meet life where you are.  Do not wake up tomorrow with regrets.  Wise and Witty Words for Your Life’s Journey.

“You cannot search for happiness when it resides in you.”

What brings you happiness?   Is it taking five minutes a day to meditate or spend time with you? Is it going for an early morning walk while watching the sunrise?  Or, is it spending more time with your loved ones?  Whatever it is, find a way to expand on it every day.  For me, happiness comes from being in the presence and basking in the glow of my five year old daughter.  Wise and Witty Words for Your Life’s Journey.

“To produce your dream life, you must be willing to star in it.” — Cathy-Ann M. Alexander

 “The measure of your life lies in how you utilize your days.”  
We are surrounded by beauty all around us.  It is very important to stop and take it in.  Too often, we go through life hustling and bustling and we forget to stop and explore our surroundings.  Life is an exploratory journey with many stops along the way. It is important to take time to see the stops and not run through them.  Wise and Witty Words for Your Life’s Journey.


Cathy-Ann has worked for the last sixteen years as an educator with the New York City Department of Education.  She strongly believes in education and sees it as a propelling force in creating independent minds.  She also has four years of experience as an adjunct professor at Burlington County College, NJ.  Cathy-Ann has a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science from Kean University of New Jersey and a Master’s in Education from Cambridge College, MA.


Many years ago, while growing up in Grenada, Cathy-Ann’s affinity for learning was spurned by her uncle who was her guardian and High school English and History teacher.  There was not a day that went by where the demand to perform at a high level was not put upon her.  However, that helped to propel her into an avid reader and writer.  This opened the door to her interest in writing which is evident today in her work as an author.


Cathy-Ann maintains a healthy lifestyle that involves eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.  This is balanced with other important activities such as an adequate amount of sleep.  There are great physical and mental benefits to a consistent healthy lifestyle, such as the ability to live a longer life, offset stress, depression and emotional strain.  Cathy-Ann’s is a devoted runner and enjoys long outdoor runs through the trails and different terrains of community and neighboring cities.  She also enjoys hiking.  On any given Sunday morning, she can be seen hiking through the mountain reservations of Essex County, NJ with her daughter Rebecca.


Cathy-Ann’s foundation is grounded in faith and spirituality which she uses to help guide her life decisions.  She is determined to live a focus and purpose driven life.
“When life feels uphill, take a deep breath.”       
You might feel at times as if your life is an uphill battle.  Don’t let off the brakes, because it might be a precarious ride back downhill.  Instead, carefully find a good foothold and slowly proceed until the hill becomes a nice even path.  Keep going, the even path is one foothold away. Wise and Witty Words for Your Life’s Journey.